Introduction: What…How…Why?


Emi and Tara here…

Nice to meet you…

In this blog we will be posting up the progression of the project we’re currently working on in our Creative Computation course in University,


Our software project utilises the Kinect’s motion detection in order to produce free form art. This is part of a bigger research inquiry of Modern art vs Traditional Art. By carefully assessing the reaction to modern(digital) art we aim to discover whether digital art has a place along side the more typical traditional art forms in this 21st Century, as well as researching how it is being depicted in the art scene today.


In order to make our project more interactive and appealing to a wider audience, we decided to use the Kinect. With the recent release of the Xbox 360 Kinect interactive gaming has become even more popular, appealing not just to the average gamer but with the incorporation of the Kinect’s motion detection capabilities in other applications such as Exercising and remote devices, it has gathered a large and ranged following. By using the Kinect in our project it will immediately draw the attention of this audience due to how iconic it has become.

Tech wise(just a bit!)

Additionally, grabbing the user’s image is made simple as Kinect is built with infrared light, 3D depth sensors which scans the user’s frame plus calculates the distance of the user from the Kinect. The main camera(webcam) adds the RGB colour. But more on that later…


We aim to promote interactive digital art, making artists and those interested in art more aware of  its capabilities and the impact it has in the art scene without the limitations of traditional art. Our project gives the user the opportunity to have a personal and highly involved role in their creation, The ease of the user interface in our software project allows for a fun and relaxed experience above else and the end product of an art work that reflects the amount of passion and energy exerted by the user during its run.

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